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Wants vs. Needs: A One Day Chronicle

Defining “wants” vs. “needs” is an essential money management skill that many people do not realize they already possess. Personal finance educators often encourage using “wants” vs. “needs” before making a purchase. To show how prevalent this skill is in our daily lives, I thought it would be interesting to chronicle my “wants” vs. “needs” […]

Fixed mortgage rates fall toward 2011 lows

WASHINGTON (AP) — Fixed mortgage rates fell this week, and the rate on the 15-year loan dropped to its lowest point of the year. The average rate on the 30-year loan decreased to 4.51 percent from 4.60 percent a week ago, Freddie Mac said Thursday. It reached its yearly low a month ago, at 4.49 […]

Should you Buy, Sell, or Stay way in this Market Correction?

After a turbulent week that pulled almost every financial assets down to earth, investors wonder whether now is the time to buy, sell, or hold on to financial asets. Some  have been calling in popular financial experts for advise and comfort. “Should I sell my stocks in my 401K account?” asked recently a financial investor, […]

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