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How to Improve Your Kitchen Before a Home Improvement Loan

While a home improvement loan(low interest payday loans) will allow you to make major changes and upgrades to your kitchen, you can improve your kitchen using your own funding and reserve your home loan for upgrades in other areas of the house. There are many small and inexpensive changes you can make to improve the […]

Help With Paying Debts

The average American family(payday advance) owes just under $15,000 in credit card debt, not including mortgage, food and other living expenses. Nearly 14 million people are currently unemployed — not exactly an economy conducive to paying off that debt. There’s reputable help. Talk to family and friends. If they can’t help, federal credit counseling agencies […]

How to Get a $30,000 Dollar Loan With No Collateral

Because collateral is an essential(cash advance now) part of getting approved for credit, the lack of collateral can make obtaining a loan very difficult. In order to get approved for a $30,000 unsecured loan, the borrower will need to make a very strong case that he can support the loan without collateral. To do this, […]

How to Determine Hardship When Granting a Loan

Hardship policies determine(fast cash advance loans) when a loan can be suspended, modified or forgiven. While people would ideally be able to able to repay their loans as agreed, job loss, medical problems or other situations can keep them from making payments. A clearly defined hardship policy will protect you and your investment in the […]

Home mortgage applications fall to 15-year low

WASHINGTON (AP) — Mortgage applications to purchase a home fell last week to a 15-year low, despite the lowest mortgage(best payday loan lenders) rates in decades. Many potential buyers are holding off because they are worried about job security and fear the economy could slip back into another recession. The Mortgage Bankers Association said Wednesday […]

10 Things Every College Grad Needs to Know About Money

Mary Morrison, who has taught a personal finance class to Stanford University seniors for 13 years, has seen it all. There was the young woman who thought “paid vacation” meant all her travel and leisure(cash advance now) activities would be paid for by the boss, the guy who didn’t know there was such a thing […]

Breaking Free From Economic Abuse: How Women are Reclaiming Their Financial Freedom

Financial expert and author, Manisha Thakor, devotes her life to helping women achieve economic empowerment and financial freedom. In her two engaging books, On My Own Two Feet: A Modern Girl’s Guide to Personal Finance and Getting Financially Naked: How To Talk Money With Your Honey, she shows how women can make financial choices that […]

This Is A Relief Rally- Not A Bull Market

Stock markets rallied as a form of relief from possible Armageddon. There will be no default and  at worst a rating reduction to the quite satisfactory AA+. Note that the preachers of doom in the form of interest rate spikes were wrong, dead wrong; The 10 year Treasury yield– the most sensitive measure of the […]

How Money-Savvy Women Can Save The Economy

   They say women are better at everything. But women are also our most underutilized economic resource. Here’s why women must put financial empowerment to work in personal finance and business. In our playground days, we learned girls rule and boys drool. While we’ve all grown up since then, it turns out that girls may, […]

The Myth of a “True” Credit Score

Personal finance experts extol the benefits of periodically reviewing your credit report and score. In fact, credit reports are so important that federal law requires the three major credit reporting agencies to make credit reports available for free (see for more details). While federal law generally does not require credit reporting agencies to give […]